Sunday Evening Worship Service

Sunday Evening Worship Service

Every Sunday night RMC Global meets in person in St Helens, Oregon and the worship service is streamed via Livestream for all haus groups to watch live or after the meeting concludes. If you are in the area physically and would like to worship with us in person, email us and we will provide you with the address of our local haus group.

We are meeting in person in the homes of RMC Family groups worldwide.

We would invite you to join or launch an RMC Family Group.

Click the Sermon link and go to Sermon Video.

Each Sunday evening we have our worship service. Each RMC Family Group meets are various places and also various times. Contact us and we will connect you with a group near you.

RMC Haus meets at 1700 for fellowship and the service is then live at 1728 weekly. We meet in St Helens, Oregon. If you would like more information on attending if you live in the area please reach out. If you would like to launch an RMC Haus group, contact Pastor Shack for information.