We will look this Sunday night at James 2:1-13. Join us even though the format will be a bit different than usual, we will have a song or two via video and then our time together in the WORD! Thankful for technology that we can still gather as a family/body even though not in the same room!

To do or not!

As we dive further into this powerful letter, we see that James, inspired by the Holy Spirit clearly tells us we are either going To do or not! Well, what are you going To do or not?

Living in the WORD

As we explore James, we see that it is crucial to be Walking with GOD. In our lives, we face trials and temptations. How do you Live by the WORD in everyday life to avoid the failures of temptation. We apologize that the first sermon in the series did not get recorded. Check the link for the video of the sermon.

Community in CHRIST

We are one in Spirit with one Word, one Lord, Savior and one God. With this truth, we should truly live like Christ in all parts of our life. Let’s see His plan for us to be Community in CHRIST. Beautiful One, Jesus We Love You, One True God,

Community…in worship

One of the main things for a follower of Jesus to do is worship God. Whether in time, energy, song, prayer, service or money, we are called to worship Him.

Community…Serving fully

As we continue to explore what is biblical community, we see tonight that the need and role of serving fully is paramount to what God directs and wants us to do. When we are serving fully, we glorify the Godhead and build up the body. What a great thing to do!

community in church

Part two of our series on community. This week we explore what it means to have community in the church. The role and responsibilities of those in the church.

by FAITH…the life of Moses

As we continue in Hebrews 11, we come to the life of Moses. It is here we see a man used by God that really any different than any of us. Riddled with flaws, bad habits, excuses, failures, setback and yet…but GOD…by FAITH, Moses is used in powerful ways. How is God wanting to use you?