Sermons from May 2019

Sermons from May 2019

I Believe…in Baptism

As we continue seeing from the WORD, in our series titled, I Believe, we will look at baptism. What it is, why we do it and how we do it. Following the service tonight, we will celebrate a baptism of two of the body at the RMC! Join us for such an exciting time in the WORD and celebration of the decision to be baptized!

I Believe in Following

As we continue to explore the series, I Believe, we will look this week at I Believe in following. Who do we follow, why do we follow and what does it cost and mean to follow Jesus. Join us as we see what the Word has to say about it.

I Believe…in fellowship

As we journey through our series titled, I Believe…we examine what God through His Word tells us what fellowship is. Is fellowship a potluck, hanging out or is there more depth and value to our journey in our personal and corporate relationship with the Triune Godhead. Join us and and let us explore together.

I Believe…in Prayer

During the journey of life in our walk with God, we are given a unique way of communicating with Him. It is Prayer. It is modeled for us in the life of Jesus, the Son of God as Jesus walked this earth as the Son of Man, He prayed to His Father in Heaven! We see the Lord’s Prayer in John 17 as the way Jesus communicated with the Father. Just as Jesus did, we also…