Sermons from November 2019

Sermons from November 2019

by FAITH Life Lessons

As we saw last week, we need to Build Faith Habits as we go through our walk with Jesus. Sometimes, the way we learn is hard and difficult. This week we examine on how to live by FAITH through “Life Lessons”. Join us Sunday in Hebrew 11:20-22

Building Faith Habits

As we continue seeing how we are to live by FAITH, we will see this week from the life of Abraham how we can be Building Faith Habits. Hebrews 11:8-19


As we continue the series in Hebrews, we are now in chapter 11:1-7 and will begin to put some practical things to the statement by FAITH.


As we begin dive into Hebrews 11, we will see that God uses ordinary people to extraordinary things. The only way they can do this is by FAITH. No part of being a follower of Jesus is done by us. Jesus has and does do the work in us when we rely on Him by FAITH.