Sermons from January 2019

Sermons from January 2019

When God Speaks

We know that God spoke creation into existence. We know and recognize that God still speaks even today. The question we have to wrestle and deal with is, do we listen? We see in Malachi 2:1-9 the result of failing to listen to God and obeying Him. Where are you…do you listen and obey or listen and disobey?

Half Hearted Worship

As we have been seeing, the children of Israel are hard hearted towards their Father and Master. They are also worshipping Him in a Half Hearted way. Join us in Malachi 1:6-14 as we see what is not pleasing to our Father, ABBA in heaven.

The BIG Question

Our first sermon on the series had technical issues and was unable to record. Our apologizes. This one did work. As we examine Malachi 1:6-15, we see that there is one BIG question being asked…we will also see why the question is asked and what are response today should be to that question.