Sermons from March 2019

Sermons from March 2019

I Believe…in Jesus!

As we continue on our dive into the scriptures to see what we believe, we find ourselves looking at who Jesus is. We will see from the WORD the truth that I believe in Jesus.

I Believe

We are launching a new series for the next several months centered around the statement…I Believe. We will look at the scriptures to build a solid foundation about what, who and why we believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and more! Romans 10:9-10 is where we start this series!

Victory in God!

As we finish our series in the book of Malachi, we see that the overarching theme of OBEDIENCE to GOD is what He desires of His people. Not only the children of Israel but those of us adopted into the family of GOD! we will see His power, His judgment and His love shown in Malachi 4:1-6 this week.