I Believe in Following

As we continue to explore the series, I Believe, we will look this week at I Believe in following. Who do we follow, why do we follow and what does it cost and mean to follow Jesus. Join us as we see what the Word has to say about it.

I Believe…in fellowship

As we journey through our series titled, I Believe…we examine what God through His Word tells us what fellowship is. Is fellowship a potluck, hanging out or is there more depth and value to our journey in our personal and corporate relationship with the Triune Godhead. Join us and and let us explore together.

I Believe…in Prayer

During the journey of life in our walk with God, we are given a unique way of communicating with Him. It is Prayer. It is modeled for us in the life of Jesus, the Son of God as Jesus walked this earth as the Son of Man, He prayed to His Father in Heaven! We see the Lord’s Prayer in John 17 as the way Jesus communicated with the Father. Just as Jesus did, we also…

I believe…in the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

Join us for our continuing series on I Believe…in the Holy Spirit. There is so much that the Holy Spirit does for us in the journey through our relationship with Him, Jesus and the Father. Let’s explore this together!

I Believe…in the Resurrection

There is total and absolute HOPE in the Resurrection of Jesus and because of that, there is absolute HOPE in life and in all we do. Join us as we see the power of the Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah!

I believe…in Jesus and the cross

As we look at what we believe, it is crucial that we understand the need we all have for a savior. The fact the Jesus came into the world to save the world is a paramount point in the life of a follower of Jesus! I believe…in Jesus and the Cross because of what He did for you and I there.

I Believe…in the Holy Spirit

Join us as we dive into the WORD and explore the truth about the Holy Spirit. What an exciting topic that comes with many preconceived ideas. What is in the WORD about why I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I Believe…in Jesus!

As we continue on our dive into the scriptures to see what we believe, we find ourselves looking at who Jesus is. We will see from the WORD the truth that I believe in Jesus.

I Believe

We are launching a new series for the next several months centered around the statement…I Believe. We will look at the scriptures to build a solid foundation about what, who and why we believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and more! Romans 10:9-10 is where we start this series!