Sermons from December 2018

Sermons from December 2018

He Is Coming

As we wrap up the series on the Advent, remember that word me the coming of something. We looked at Jesus coming as a baby, to bring hope, peace, light and love. Now we look at the fifth candle and the Return of Jesus! What a glorious event that will be! However, there is a reality, we must be ready for He Is Coming! Matt 25 sheds light on this and we will look there for…

Love Came Down

We celebrate the fourth advent candle as we reflect on Love. Love came down in the form of the greatest gift that God could ever give us…His Only SON! What a special and precious gift that it was and remains to be. Romans 5:8 tells us the true meaning of the season! God’s LOVE for mankind!

Light of the world

As we journey through the series on the Advent of Christ, we know that He came to bring Hope, Peace and now Light. As we see throughout scripture, light is a paramount theme of the OT and NT. We will see why He, Jesus is the Light of the world. Pause for a moment and reflect on the power of a little and a lot of Light…He is the Light of the world.

No Jesus No Peace Know Jesus Know Peace

We continue looking at the Advent of Christ into the world. He came to bring HOPE and now this week we look at the fact from scripture, He came to bring PEACE. If you know Jesus, you know peace. If you don’t know Jesus, you don’t know peace. Join us as we look at this from His WORD. Luke 2:14

Hope in the darkness

As we begin to look at the Reason for the Season, we first have to see the need for Hope in the darkness. We live our life’s seeking hope in the world. The only true Hope is found in Jesus. Hope for today and tomorrow. Mark 10:45