Sermons (Page 17)

Sermons (Page 17)

How Can I Help?

When we look at Acts 6:1-7 we see there was a need to be met. God used Godly men filled with the Holy Spirit and full of wisdom to meet the need. He also used everyone in the body as they gave of their time, gifts, talents and possessions. We have to ask ourselves, “How Can I Help?” and What can I do? When it comes to serving in the body of Christ, we need…

When God Says DO IT!

We look at a review of the first 12 verses in Acts 5. Then we delve into the nitty gritty of the struggles that come from obedience and following God. No matter the issues, the struggles, the challenges and trials, we can trust that the Father has a plan and the end result is for His Glory.  The apostles met with major demands and situations that were overcome able by the…

One for All, All for One

When we are in the family of God, He desires for us to be one with Him and one with the family of God. Part of that is being completely committed to Him, His plan and His will in our lives. As the early church was, there was a need…they met it! What a blessing to be a part of a body that is that way. Acts 4:32-37

Celebrating An Empty Grave

As we look at Luke 24:1-12 we see that the Father’s plan was to glorify Himself through the Son. Even in the cruel death of Jesus, the Father was glorified. In His resurrection, the Father was glorified. Now, even in our lives, we need to glorify the Father. The empty grave gives us victory over our sin and death! The promise of the ONE that came to save! He is…

Be Big and Bold

When it is tough around us and we encounter struggles, trials, hardships, disappointments and all life can throw at us, we are given the opportunity to Be Big and Bold in and through the Name of Jesus! Look at Peter and John as they battled tough times as we look at Acts 4:1-31. PTL

The Power of a Name

Please note: there is no sermon recording for this week. We see in Acts 3 that as Peter addresses the crowd, amazed at the miracle we looked at last week, that he tells them of the power in which he was able to heal. The power is not his but is found in the Power of the Name of the Lord! Count the number of names that are used to describe the Lord. How many more are…

Stepping Out in Faith

Please note: there is no sermon recording for this week. When the beggar encountered Peter and John, he was looking for silver or gold or both. Instead, He received a total body healing and then found the Joy of the True Healer. Are you stepping out in faith? Bring your all to Him for His All to take control. Step out in faith today.

The Perfect Church Part 2

 Looking at the early church that starts declaring the truth of who Jesus was and is. Peter declares to the masses that are there. He gives his first sermon proofing Jesus is the Messiah and at the end of his sermon, 3000 come to follow Jesus. The model for us today, Acts 2:42, devoted to teaching of His Word, fellowship, communion and prayer. Also, share boldly the truth…

The Perfect Church Part 1

A look at Acts 2 and the start of the early Church. We examine the first portion of the chapter by looking at the connection of Pentecost in the Old Testament and the connection of the day recorded in Act 2:1-13